Yamazaki Treasury Malt (Frosted Bottle)

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The Treasury Malt and Grain series is a collection of 3 hand crafted bottles from Suntory, Yamazaki Malt, Hakushu Malt and Chita Grain. As far as people know, this Yamazaki Malt has been aged for 12 years and its a silky, smooth, sweet, tasty dram. Only very few bottles of this delicious Malt whisky were made at the famous Yamazaki Distillery, and it has produced a gem. (E-mail is for pics)

Volume: 700ml
Abv: 43%
Discontinued stock: YES
Type: Pure Malt
Distillation Date: Unknown 
Bottling Date: Unknown 
Cask Type: Unknown 
Cask No: Unknown
Bottling Number: Irrelevant 
Bottles Produced: unknown                                                                                          Box: Yes