Komagatake Yakushima Aging Single Malt 3 year Old 2014

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This particularly Komagatake is a Yakushima Aging Single Malt aged for 3 years. It is the very latest single malt release from Mars and as the name indicates on the bottle it is aged on the island Yakushima. Bottles at 59% this is not only a collectible dram but a delicious drinking whisky also. With only 1140 bottles made, many retail shops created lotteries to to purchase the bottles. So even if you had the money, you had to be lucky enough to win a ticket to purchase the bottle.

Volume: 700ml
Abv: 59%
Discontinued stock: YES
Type: Single Cask
Distillation Date: 2014
Bottling Date: 2018
Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel
Cask No: Irrelevant 
Bottling Number: Irrelevant 
Bottles Produced: 1140
Box: YES