Ichiros MMWM 2017 Bourbon Cask 1320

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This Limited Editon Bourbon Barrel from Ichiros is number 43/223. Distilled in 2011 and then bottled in 2017 at 60.2%. This whisky is a little different due to using Tipple barley. The overall out flavour profile of this dram is super nice, sweet honey front pallet with a huge punch of 60.2% single cask going down. Beautiful is so many ways, so collectible, so desirable.... i personally have never seen another bottle in Australia. Have you?

Volume: 700ml
Abv: 62.2%
Discontinued stock: YES
Type: Single Cask
Distillation Date: 2011
Bottling Date: 2017
Cask Type: Bourbon barrel 
Cask No: 1320
Bottling Number: 43
Bottles Produced: 223
Box: YES