Ichiros Malt and Grain Premium (Key Malt Series)

Ichiros Malt and Grain Premium (Key Malt Series)

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This bottle is part of the Key Malt series from Chichibu which consists of 6 bottles. These are highly collectable due to their unique characteristics in flavour and bottle design. Chichibu is moving forward extremely quickly in relation to Japanese whisky, soon to be catching Suntory and Nikka. Their individual bottles are unusually aged much less than other big distilleries therefore the selections availble are incredible, unique and diverse.

The Key Malt Series consists of 

MWR Mizunara

Malt and Grain

Malt and Grain Premium

WWR Wine Wood

DD Double Distilleries

New 2018 release is the Malt and Grain Limited Edition.

Volume: 700ml
Abv: 50%
Discontinued stock: YES 
Type: Blend
Distillation Date: Irrelevant
Bottling Date: 2010
Cask Type: Irrelevant
Cask No: Irrelevant
Bottling Number: Irrelevant
Bottles Produced: Many
Box: YES