Highwayman Batch #3.8 Mullumbimbee

Highwayman Batch #3.8 Mullumbimbee

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The absolutely legendary man behind this incredible distillery is none other than Mr Dan Woolley. Mr Woolley is a well known character in the world of whisky and finally he has been able to create a dream many people in the industry wish they could do. Hugely recognisable with his knuckle tattoos, he brings an extreme amount of knowledge and passion and pours it into his distillery. You'll never see one of these for sale again.

Red wine and honey cask matured

This batch is a heavily peated, double matured whisky. The 1st maturation was in a 60L French oak super heavy char red wine cask for 20 months. Then the liquid was transferred into 2 x 20L casks that had previously held tawny and then matured an early batch of Highwayman and finally filled with local Mullumbimby honey. This honey was left in the cask for 11 months before being tipped out and packaged into 200g jars. The red wine matured spirit was then filled into these 2 casks for a final maturation of 7 months before being tipped and bottled at cask strength of 55%. Only 70 bottles made and each bottle comes with a 200g jar of the Highwayman whisky barrel aged honey.

This whisky has a slight haze to it due to the contact with the honey casks, it’s unfiltered, pure and natural.

Volume: 500ml
Abv: 53.2%
Discontinued stock: THIS CASK YES
Type: Single Cask
Cask Type: Red, Honey Casks
Cask No: Single Cask #3.8 Mullumbimbee
Bottling Number: PLEASE CHOOSE
Bottles Produced: 70